To Practice english here...come on!

hi all! i'm here to talk that the year are finished virtually and you already have promises for to do in this next year?

if you does not want say, no problem!

Say if you go travel or what you go to do at new year.

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Hi :)

In next year I want learn and train English all days. I want enjoy the summer, my family and future husband. My vacations will be short, but I'll enjoy! Recently I and my love we went for one beautiful island in Paraná, PR. We are renovated, with the clean energy. My birthday is arriving in January and I'm excited . In January I Conclude my technical course of radiology and I start work hard at the gym and new location of job with hardware repair in Apple devices.

I wish for every partners of Duolingo one great and blessed new year, and I hope that all wishes are performed. Happy 2016!

Sorry.. My English for the time being is basic. But let's go with it all get fluency!

Bye Thanks for all.

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that's great vanis! Your english is very pretty for to be basic.

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I'm here to say that the year is finished virtually and do you already have promises for the next year? If you do not want to talk/speak, no problem! Say if you are going to travel or what you gonna do on new year. Bem, não sou nenhum expert na língua Inglesa ainda, mas creio que assim ficaria melhor, desculpa se eu te incomodei xd Só que vejo muito comentário e gente pedindo pra corrigí-los, então pensei em fazer o mesmo aqui.

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Hi all! I have very ideas for the next year. Some things that I don't make in this year want to make in the next. I want study very much English by Duolingo. I think that 2016 will be a great year. A Happy New Year for all and good studies.

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