"Koń je chleb."

Translation:The horse eats bread.

December 29, 2015

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What kind of horse eats bread?


In a very old Polish TV series "Wojna domowa" there was a running gag with a guy asking people for stale bread for a horse.


Every time i hear "koń i"

My brain switches to japanese and hears "kani/ かに" and i type crab


I don't think giving bread to horses is a good idea.... you know, gluten and fat... this kind of stuff is bad to horses...


I put the horse eats bread why was I wrong?


Koń je jabłko is a more credible sentence. C'mon.


I heard oni je chleb which i thought was weird and when i put it in it said kon je chleb


I hear "koń" fine, but the female voice says "chle", so that is enough to disable the audio exercises.


is it me or does it sound like the guy says kon nie je chleb


I don't hear any "nie".


Would "A horse is having bread" also be a correct answer?


No not in this app


Ive answered correctly 3 times and still it say imcorrect


Hello Jellei!! I need help! There is a problem with a basic level word. The word "Mezczyzna" does not seem to accept non Polish font. At least that's what i think the problem is. I wtite"mezczyzna" and it is never accepted. Now it is in my cue of errors to be corrected and will not allow me to continue. Im paying a lot to use this program. Please fix this. Thank you.


Hi, unless something changed very recently, all the Polish special characters are kinda 'ignored' by the grading system - that means that you can use the 'basic' characters and the worst thing that will happen is receiving a "You have a typo" message. So although "mezczyzna" technically has two letters wrong, it should have still been accepted. A common problem is that people consider the letter ł (Ł) to be a variant of T, and write "chtopiec" because they cannot write "chłopiec". But that is wrong, if you don't have special characters, you should write "chlopiec". I know that's not what you're asking, but I thought I'll mention that.

If you're positive that there are no other typos in your answer, please provide a screenshot and/or a report and comment on a sentence with "mężczyzna", so we can see what happened.


This hurt me so much as a native Croatian lol

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