"Is a tomato a vegetable?"

Translation:Czy pomidor to warzywo?

December 29, 2015

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Nie, pomidor to owoc!


in Poland we say: czy pomidor jest warzywem?


so what's the difference between saying "Czy pomidor jest warzywem" and "Czy pomidor jest jarzyną"? What does Jarzyną translate as exactly?


So, if I even understand it correctly, technically "jarzyna" is an edible part of a root crop and it can be eaten raw. So only some vegetables would undergo this definition. But this difference in meaning is vanishing, so "jarzyna" is often considered a synonym.

We accept "jarzyna", but personally I'd advise to just keep to "warzywo". It's good to know what "jarzyna" means, but you don't have to use it.


"Czy pomidor jest warzywem? " in the instr. form was not accepted.. Bug?


I have the same problem


Why is the trasnlation of vegetable - warzywo not accepted? On the one hand, it suggests that translation, on the other hand it doesn|t accept it in the end. Bug?


Either some typo or a bug, because that's exactly the right translation.


In the "solution" it told me that "jarzyną" would have been correct. Didn't misspell "warzywo" too. Pretty sure it's a bug, given that in the remaining seesion vegetable was always translated with warzywo and not jarzyna :)


Yes, "jarzyna" is just an acceptable option, it isn't common and most people use it to denote sth a bit more specific than the general notion of "a vegetable". Weird.


Same thing happened to me. "Warzywo" wasn't accepted.


Do "Pomidor to warzywo" and "Pomidor jest warzywem" mean the same? Can I say "Pomidor to jest warzywo"?

  1. Yes. "to" is a bit like "=" and "jest" is more descriptive, but generally they mean the same.

  2. Well, it's not the most natural and most common construction, but technically there's nothing wrong with it.


So I've been told not to use "to" when using pronouns, and that it can sound weird sometimes. But "Czy pomidor jest warzywem" is not accepted here. So I'm confused. Which sounds more natural in this situation: "jest" or "to" ?


I entered "Pomidor jest warzywem," and it was accepted. Your addition of "Czy" should be more accurate and correct. It was probably an error.


Why wouldn't warzywo be changed to warzywiem in this sentence?


to => Nominative, like in the sentece above ( czy pomidor to jest warzywo - I dont know if it is correct, sounds weird )

jest => Instrumental. Czy pomidor jest warzywem?


^ Czy pomidor to warzywo? /or/ Czy pomidor jest warzywem? ('to' and 'jest' are two different forms of 'is', and so you don't need both in the same sentence)


I find it a bit risky to say that those are two different forms of 'is'... "to" may mean the same as "is", but it's not a form of the verb "być" (to be).


It is true that you don't need both, but it is acceptable Polish to use both, and answers using "to jest" are accepted here.

"to jest" behaves like "to" and takes the nominative form "warzywo".


Ok. It makes sense now. Thank you!


Is tomato a vegetable?


Accepted, assuming you are doing a 'translate from Polish to English" exercise.


What does "to" mean in this context? I thought it was a type of article like "this" so I just skipped the articles and went for czy pomidor warzywo? I guess it's supposed to be a verb like jest in this case. But it does mean "this" sometimes?


Yes. "To" has many uses, one of which is "this" as an adjective for neuter nouns, another as a sort of noun substitute meaning "this thing here", and finally as a verb substitute meaning "is".

Unlike "jest" (which requires Instrumental), "to" takes the Nominative.


Why do you have to put a "to"? I put "jest" but it didnt accept it


If you use "jest", you need the Instrumental form "warzywem".

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Czy pomidor to warzywo?


when I tap all the words "to" doesn't show up anywhere


There are other possibilities than using the "to" form. What words were available?


Czy pomidor jest warzywiem is also and alternative way of putting it. Sometimes Polish seems easy if you follow the Rhythms


Why is it "To" and not "Ta" since Ryba is feminine?


There is no "ryba" in this sentence.....

And even if there were, it would still be "to" in this case. Take a look at https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167/A-guide-on-X-is-Y-and-This-is-Y-constructions Part One.

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