"Do not tell him about it."

Translation:Nie mów mu o tym.

December 29, 2015

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Can the verb powiedz... correctly be used here instead of mów?


Not here. If you wanted your interlocutor to actually do tell that, then you would need "powiedz" - because that would be a one-time action, perfective.

But as not telling is... not telling ever, you need imperfective "nie mów".


Powiedz is in the hints though. My guess is its there because it technically means 'to tell' but I think it's misleading and should be removed.


It is, but from what I see, it's the third hint. The correct one is on top. The hints are not context-dependent, and "powiedz" is a correct translation of "tell" in a sentence like "Tell him about it".

The applicable hints should always be on top, but often the second and third hints may not be applicable to the given sentence.


Powiedz is the top hint not mów


Thanks for reporting it, the other team (English for Polish speakers) created a multi-word hint (the hints systems are interconnected) and those always appear on top, unfortunately. We fixed it, it should be fine soon (when the change goes live).

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