"Czy wy znacie tamtego psa?"

Translation:Do you know that dog?

December 29, 2015

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I know him and I can testify that he is a good boy


Why is it not 'tamten psa'? Isn't it accusative here since it's not a negative question?


Pronoun's case has to match noun's case. Pies is in accustive (psa) and accusative of temten is tamtego.


Why is the "wy" necessary in this sentence?


It's not, but emphasis on the pronoun is likely in such a sentence:

"Do YOU know that dog?"


I would also like to know why. Is this not implied with the use of "znacie"?


So read up a couple of lines to see the answer....


I commented because I still dont understand not because I'm an idiot that cant read. Seriously?


In that case, I apologise, but there isn't that much that can be added to Alik's comment.

"Wy" is optional; if it's used, then emphasis on YOU is implied.


Perhaps I should have added to my original comment that my answer without "wy" was marked wrong. If its optional then I'm not sure why it was incorrect unless the admins were going for the emphasis. I would imagine a Polish speaker still would understand what I was saying though...

I did flag the question that the answer should have been taken so I guess they will go from there


Well that's strange; answers with or without "Czy" are accepted, as are answers with either "wy" or "ty" (with the appropriate matching verb) or with neither pronoun (and therefore, of course, with either verb form).

I'd suggest at this point that if this happens again for you, a screenshot could be useful.


That is why I asked the question originally. I had omitted the "wy" and was marked wrong.


What kind of exercise did you have? "Type what you hear" or "Fill in the missing word"?


In exercises where you tap/click the words to make the sentences, do you ever actually use 'Nom.', 'Acc.', 'pl.' etc.? Because it just seems like they're taking up space on the screen.


So ''znać'' requires the genitive case?


No. It's just that psa and tamtego are both the genitive and accusative singular forms of pies and tamten.

Nie znam tamtego psa. Znam tamtego psa. (the same)


So, "Znacie tamtego psa?" would be technically the same question. But what exactly changes the "czy wy"? Is it like a pissed or desperate version of "znacie tamtego psa"? Like "Do (at least) you know that dog?"

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