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Donaco por vi: Monato kaj Esperanto!

Hey Duolingo learners!

Monato has decided to give away its last issue of the year, so you can read it for free and decide if you want to subscribe. I'd say it's somewhat similar to the topics you might find in Time magazine. Note that it's not for beginners, so don't feel frustrated if you have trouble understanding it.

Free Monato magazine

Also, the Universal Esperanto Association gave away its last issue of Esperanto magazine which also includes a few articles about Duolingo and the future of the community.

Free Esperanto magazine

December 29, 2015



That's great, thanks.

Funny that when I clicked on the second link, I had a strange feeling as if I had just clicked on your profile picture to enlarge it :p


I'm a subscriber to Monato and I'd definitely recommend it to everyone who has an interest in current affairs.


It may also be worth mentioning that Monato is in Esperanto, but decidedly not about Esperanto -- so it's great for people who just want to read interesting content in Esperanto but may not necessarily want to read about reviews of Esperanto books, reports about Esperanto conferences or the like.

Just like Time is not about English culture per se :)


Yes, thanks for mentioning that! :)

[deactivated user]


    The December issue of UEA's Esperanto magazine is also available as a PDF download from their website http://uea.org/revuoj for Duolingo students. However, it asks for a "special password" provided to Duolingo students. I have no idea where you get that password. Chuck?


    Dankegon! And for the reminder re the UEA magazine, which I saw, thought looked interesting and I must download... and promptly forgot about completely.

    How's it feel to be front page news? ;)

    Addendum: Does anyone know of an easy way to get the UEA magazine to Dropbox? I'm downloading the app it prompted me to download, but it would be handy(er) to be able to save it to my Dropbox.


    Nedankeginde! It felt great to be front page news! :)

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