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  5. "Czy człowiek to zwierzę?"

"Czy człowiek to zwierzę?"

Translation:Is a human an animal?

December 29, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Come on people swallow your ego and give this man more likes. :)


    language list though


    If = jeśli (jeżeli) at all. If we say "if human = animal" - "Jeśli człowiek to zwierzę", must be some addition to this sentence, for example: "Jeśli człowek to zwierzę, jestem kotem." - "If a human is an animal, I am a cat." That's why "czy" isn't "if". In that sentence without question will be: "Człowiek to zwierzę." - "A human is an animal". To make a question we need to add the word "czy" to the Polish sentence: "Czy człowiek to zwierzę?", and to change the word's positions in the English sentence: "Is a human an animal?". That's why, "czy" isn't "is". In this example we see, that the constructions of making questions is different in Polish and English. I can't translate "czy" in English literally. I'm sorry for my mistakes in English. P.S. If somebody knows Russian, "czy" is "ли" in Russian.


    you are right, I was thinking about if in relative speech, (he asked if a human is an animal), and forgot the more common if= jeżeli.


    I understand. I hope my explanation will be useful for learners of Polish.


    does this question work the same way all other questions work in esperanto


    Yes, looks like Zamenhof borrowed his cxu, indicating a yes/no-question, from Polish czy.


    Wouldn't "Is man an animal?" be a better translation?


    Putting "man" in the main answer may be confusing to some. But your answer seems fine, added.


    How do I see if it's in third-person or second-person when there is no "jest" or other regular verb?


    Well... but such a sentence, which has 'a human' and 'an animal', is clearly in 3rd person...


    Czy człowiek to zwierze. This is ridiculous. What part of Poland would use this phrase.


    If czy is "is" and "to" is "is", literally this sentence would sould like is human is animal?


    czy is "if" or question word for Yes/No question. To is a word that means "this" but replaces is/are in some sentences.

    Literally "If human=animal."

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