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"My generation does not eat fish."

Translation:Mi generación no come pescado.

January 12, 2013



Seems like it should be 'comemos' instead of 'come', since presumably the speaker is part of the group in question...


That would be like saying in English "My generation do not eat fish".


Except that in the UK, that's exactly what they do say: "My generation do not eat fish", so this should be acceptable.


It's not in Spanish :)


But we're translating from Spanish into English. If I were in the UK rather than the US, I'd have typed it as "do not"


Agreed. We do accept British variants. But in this case, we won't accept the Spanish variant "Mi generación comemos pescado" since it's wrong :)


This sentence is from English into Spanish.


I can't seem to reply to your last reply, so I'll reply to me (which is odd). If I were a UK resident (and I have to say I did grow up speaking and writing as a UK not a US resident because of where I was raised) who now lived in the US, I would have this same problem then, going from English to Spanish. I think this is something Duolingo really needs to consider, given the differences in what constitutes "correct" English.


I said 'no comen' and it marked me wrong. Why?


"generación" is singular (much like "generation" is singular in US English).


In English, the only one that seems to work is 'my generation, they do not eat fish' which refers to the body of people in a generation as 'they'. Saying 'my generation, he/she does not eat fish' sounds a bit weird in English because it sounds like we are personifying a generation. How come this works in Spanish?


In English, wouldn't you say "My generation doesn't eat fish."? If you want to include the extra pronoun, it would be: "My generation, it doesn't eat fish."

A generation is definitely a singular noun in English. Most collective group nouns are.


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