"The boys have an apple."

Translation:Chłopcy mają jabłko.

December 29, 2015

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What is the difference between chlopaki and chlopcy? Is it between little boys till the age of 12 and teenagers or which is the most common one in speaking the language or in writing ?


Chłopcy is more formal, more common is wriiten languge. Both forms are correct in lmost every context. The line between those two words is not clearly drawn. It depends who speaks about whom. But your explanation is close enough, I would stick to it.


i am really struggling to remember the spelling as I have never spelt in Polish..


Can anyone tell me how to make the right letter in Chtopcy? Pressing down the t does not give me the Polish letter I am looking for even when I use the Polish on my phone.


ł isn't a variant of t, it's a variant of l. Which is a lot more clear if you look at the capital letter: Ł :)


Why cant i use 'chlopcy masz jablko


Because masz is the second person singular/informal conjugation of the verb, and doesn't go with a plural noun.


Hey Im still learning too, BUT.... it wouldnt matter if jabłko noun here is plural or singular. All that matters is that chłopcy is plural. Hence the mają instead of masz.

Or maybe thats what you meant anyway.

In any case, yes, masz is incorrect. It means "you have". We need " they have"

Singular 'apple' or plural 'appleS' is irrelevant to the verb.

I think. But im still learning.

Jellei..... Help!!


Yeah, you're right. The verb has to match the subject. Regardless of what the boys have, it's definitely "Chłopcy mają".


Im not very good at typing it so why is chopcy maja jabkto not good?


Too many typos: "chopcy" -> "chłopcy" (or at least "chlopcy" if you don't have Polish characters), "maja" should be "mają" but for the program it's acceptable to omit the special character, "jabkto" -> "jabłko" or at least "jablko".

The Polish word for an apple does not have any letter T, Polish Ł is a variant of L.


Jaka jest różnica między chłopcy a chłopczyki a jaka jest różnica między dziewczynkami a dziewczynami


W tłumaczeniu na angielski? Raczej żadna. Dodałem tutaj "chłopczyki".

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