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"Oni nie wierzą w żadnego boga."

Translation:They do not believe in any god.

December 29, 2015



my correct response was marked incorrect!


Maybe you made a typo without even realizing it.


Should "They don't trust any god" be accepted?


That's almost the opposite of this sentence. Making a decision on whether or not to trust someone presupposes that you believe in their existence.


Please see https://www.quora.com/God-Whats-the-difference-between-trust-God-and-believe-in-God

I believe that "wierzyć" carries as much of the "trust" sense as it does of the "believe" sense.

(I am native Russian, and in Russian "верить в бога" is almost all about trust and almost nothing about belief.)


I stand by my opinion. Even in Russian there is a very clear distinction:

  • Я верю в Бога - I believe in God.

  • Я верю Богу - I trust God.


Nobody says "верю богу" in Russian. We're not that intimate with Him.

But I found that "to trust" would be "ufać", so there may really be some semantical difference in very similar words of somewhat similar languages.


Ok, correction:

Я верю Богу - I believe God. No one says that in English either.

I trust God - Ufam Bogu/Bogowi - Я доверяю Богу/ Я имею к Богу доверие.

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