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  5. "Nie znam tej modlitwy."

"Nie znam tej modlitwy."

Translation:I do not know this prayer.

December 29, 2015



I swear I hear the ending as modlit”fy” not wy/vy.


That's devoicing. It's not exactly conscious, but it may in fact sound more like f than w.




The new app is really frustrating me because it used to mark things correct but tell me if I had typos. Now every word can be off one letter and it marks it correct and doesn't give any indication if I have the wrong endings. I had te modlitwe and I only know that I was wrong because I clicked on the discussion. This happens constantly and it doesn't help me learn the cases at all. I know to look at the discussion to see the real answer if I'm uncertain about what I wrote, but the extra step slows me down too much to do it every time.

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