"The Holy Spirit"

Translation:Duch Święty

December 29, 2015



why does the "święty" come after the "duch"?

March 23, 2016


because here it does not describe the spirit, but distinguishes it from the others.

I think (but I am not sure how accurate it is), that in this particular example Holy=Święty goes after noun, and święty=saint goes before.

we had a long conversation about adjectives behind the nouns here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13508523

March 23, 2016


I think it's actually idiomatic, probably inherited from the Latin "Spiritus Sanctus"

December 14, 2016


This collocation is just set, in some cases Polish say Święty Duch, but is happens rather in poems, so use Duch Święty. Maria is right.

March 3, 2018
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