"A brother and a sister are siblings."

Translation:Brat i siostra to rodzeństwo.

December 29, 2015



If there is a plural verb, why wouldn't it be rodzeństwami? Is rodzeństwo similar in number to rodzina?

January 30, 2016


yes exactly. a whole set of "siblings" is "rodzeństwo', more groups of siblings are "rodzeństwa".

July 5, 2016


Why do both of these work? I would have thought it would be the instrumental only.

December 29, 2015


You can always say to +Nom or jest/są +Ins.

December 29, 2015


can someone explain why this is "to" instead of "są" for "are"?

February 1, 2018


Just a choice of whoever wrote this sentence. It could be either "to rodzeństwo" or "są rodzeństwem".

In case you need more info, read here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

February 2, 2018


This link is really useful and interesting -- but how can I find it when I move on the next challenge. Is there a "master book" of this kind of useful information on Polish; and if so, when can I find it easily? Grazie mille.

April 13, 2019


Actually, there is, I put everything I could find here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16296174

April 13, 2019


On the PC Crown version, there is no "to" to select.

April 24, 2018


The starred (and actually the only two accepted) options are "Brat i siostra są rodzeństwem." and "Brat i siostra to rodzeństwo.", if you are able to create one of those, everything is fine.

April 24, 2018
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