"A brother and a sister are siblings."

Translation:Brat i siostra to rodzeństwo.

December 29, 2015

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I think I am going to cry


If there is a plural verb, why wouldn't it be rodzeństwami? Is rodzeństwo similar in number to rodzina?


yes exactly. a whole set of "siblings" is "rodzeństwo', more groups of siblings are "rodzeństwa".


i totally agree


Except... it's not a plural noun.


...są rodzeństwami would refer to groups of unrelated siblings, which doesn't fit this sentence at all.


Why do both of these work? I would have thought it would be the instrumental only.


You can always say to +Nom or jest/są +Ins.


can someone explain why this is "to" instead of "są" for "are"?


Just a choice of whoever wrote this sentence. It could be either "to rodzeństwo" or "są rodzeństwem".

In case you need more info, read here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Thank you for yet another reference link for me to bookmark! I find them useful when I can properly focus to read, and I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating them.

Do any of you know if there are any plans in the works to give us a mini-lesson instruction in-app feature that comes before a new skill/topic instead of immediately starting us out with activities involving brand new words (not underlined) and expecting us to be able to pick which of the three translations is correct (actually happened to me when I started the colors skill)?

I believe my mom indicated that when she started the Spanish course there would be some in-app instruction to read before being presented with activities.


There are Tips&Notes, but currently in the app version you only have them for several major languages which already use the new format. For courses that don't have that new format, you can only see T&N in the browser version.

On the other hand, the Tips aren't there to teach you the vocabulary in advance, rather to prepare you for grammatical stuff. For most words there's no other way of teaching them than to just start using them. There's nothing weird or bad in the fact that at first you need to either look at the hints or to just randomly guess. You learn on your mistakes.


Understood, was just frustrating to encounter when I was on a pretty decent "no mistakes" streak.

Browser version? It is possible to do duolingo on my laptop?! Or did you just mean I can go to my browser to read the T&N page?

The grammatical stuff would also be very useful to have in a future in-app mini-instruction feature if one should get developed.

I discovered this forum and the links to T&N only after I was well past fully completing the first few skills, so in some regards, I guess I sometimes feel like a student who just returned to the classroom after a lengthy absence & is trying to catch up on what was missed in the fly. It took until the lesson with kocha being introduced until it "clicked" in my brain about the verb endings matching certain subjects when I found myself connecting kochają to mają by basically saying it in my head as "they have love for" because one of the few words phrases I really had down pat at that point was "they have" = mają.

Thankfully I now use a lot of the "practice to regain heart" feature to help solidify things in my mind.


Of course it's possible to do it on your laptop, in fact I would personally recommend to use only the browser version ;) The app version is more like a game, the browser version has some things that aren't (easily) found on your phone. But even on your phone you can just go to www.duolingo.com in your browser.

Currently only several languages that already switched to the new format of Tips have them visible in the app. Most of the volunteer contributors really wish that all courses had them in the app...


I'm learning via the app on my phone which remembers the words using predictive text after a while. For me personally it can be a bit frustrating having to type out the long words such as mężczyźni (with all the accents) ciasteczka or potrzebują multiple times once learned properly. The repetition is extremely good when first learning a new word but can get a bit tedious after multiple typings or if I'm learning whilst tired and making silly mistakes. :-)


This link is really useful and interesting -- but how can I find it when I move on the next challenge. Is there a "master book" of this kind of useful information on Polish; and if so, when can I find it easily? Grazie mille.


Actually, there is, I put everything I could find here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16296174


Wouldn't ending it in m make them my siblings?


Are you saying that the -m ending suggests they are "mine"? No, Polish doesn't work like that. This sentence si written as a 'general truth', not about 'my brother&sister = my siblings'.

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