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  5. "Geçen kış çok hastalandım."

"Geçen kış çok hastalandım."

Translation:Last winter I got very sick.

December 30, 2015



Is there a difference in Turkish between "Last winter I got very sick" and "Last winter I got sick a lot"?


If one wants to emphasise the number, one may add one of "kez, kere, defa" words: Geçen kış çok hasta oldum. Geçen kış çok kez hasta oldum. respectively.


I'm sceptical about the distinction being made here between "I got very sick" and "I was very sick". I mean, one entails the other. The emphasis on becoming in 'got sick' seems almost irrelevant in English. cf. "I was very angry last night" vs. "I got very angry last night"


I also wrote: "I was sick" and it was marked wrong telling me that it must be "I got sick". As I am not a native English speaker and in German we mostly are saying "Ich war krank" and you would hear only in very seldom cases "Ich bin krank geworden or ich wurde krank", but never "Ich bekam krank" May be in English it is reverse as in German. But most of my mistakes in these lessons are due to my English. As I want to learn Turkish here and not English, it is not such important for me.


I got sick is more American English, in UK people say I was sick as I am from UK I think it should be ıncluded as it was marked wrong for me .


Yes, I think you are right.


One for Alex to check out maybe??



Not on holidays, but he contributes to several other courses. French for Turkish speakers is in the incubator, and that's probably a top-priority :-)


Yes, but it is long time ago that he answered on anything. Perhaps he is having holidays.


get ist hier im Sinne von "werden" gebraucht, nicht im Sinne von "erhalten, bekomen".


okay, thanks. Aber wir sagen auch nur sehr sehr selten, "ich wurde krank" oder "ich bin krank geworden". Das liest man höchstens in Büchern aber in der täglichen Sprache kommt es nicht vor.


Last winter I was very sick, was not accepted. Again, got sick and was sick are synonymous.


I put 'Last winter I was very ill'.This was marked wrong . Why? It means the same.


'Last winter I was very ill .' Does this not meanthe same?

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