"Thank you, bye."

Translation:Dziękuję, pa.

December 30, 2015

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Czesc can also be used as bye?


Yes. Cześć can also mean honour,glory,admiration i.e. Oddaję cześć Bogu.=I worship God (lit) I give glory to God.

That's why when you greet someone or say farewell using 'cześć' you say 'glory to you', but you don't even realize that. :) Of course cześć is 'hi' 'bye', the example above is a piece of trivia, explaining (possible) origin of the word.


cześć = honour, sława = glory.
So "Cześć!" could be understood as "I honour you!"

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    It's interchangeable, so yes. It's like saying "Aloha" in Hawaiian, something like that anyway.


    It would have helped to mention that this can be used in both instances before going over the lesson.


    Why is "Do widzenia" not accepted as an answer? If the sentence used "dzieki", then I would understand, but since "Thank you" is a little more formal, why isn't a formal goodbye used?


    It's a little bit more formal, but saying it's 'formal' is too much, I think. Anyway, we decided that "bye" is too informal to be translated to "do widzenia".


    I was so confused, I was going to say pa


    It would work, it would just be even more informal (some could consider it even childish).


    Among close friends or family "pa" is perfectly normal and not at all childish - more like a term of endearment.


    why don't we have any audio?


    This here is an EN->PL exercise, and there is no audio for the English sentences.


    I wrote "dzięki, cześć" and got it right. Is there no difference between dzięki an dziękuję?


    I'm pretty sure dzięki just means 'thanks' and dziękuję means 'thank you'


    Yes, but note that "dziękuję" is only for one person speaking. If two people (or more) wish to thank someone, "dziękujemy" applies.


    Do i have to download a keyboard to get the accents


    You don't have to, they should appear if you hold the basic letter.


    Well, it depends whether you are using a mobile app or the web site. I mostly use the web site version on a Mac and I had to install a Polish keyboard. I use Polish–Pro and all the Polish letters work with the Option key.

    On a cell phone you may have to activate a particular language aphabet in the settings.


    SwiftKey is a good option for your phone.


    What is the difference between "cześć" and "pa" meaning bye?


    "Pa" is perhaps a little more informal. Note that "Cześć" doesn't really mean "(good)bye" although it's used in that sense; it's more like "Respect!"; moreover, it's also used to mean "Hello".


    I have trouble with accent do not know how do it with the key board of my Android


    Go to the Settings, find Keyboard and there you can enable other languages.

    Or download the app called SwiftKey, I find it really easy and useful, you basically can have up to 5 languages on one keyboard.


    Why is widzenia incorrrect?


    As mentioned just above, "bye" is too informal to be translated to "do widzenia".


    In Dziękuję, the first ę I always hear an English n sound, as in Jen. But i don't hear it in the last ę. I hear this word as JenKewYeh.


    I am a Polish native speaker. "Pa" is rarely used. I would say it is a bit childlish and old-fashioned to say Pa. "Cześć" is much more common as both "hi" and "bye"


    I also agree that it's not the most useful word to teach, but as it was introduced here, it will stay, at least for now.

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