"Pająk jest zwierzęciem."

Translation:A spider is an animal.

December 30, 2015

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I'm having a really tough time with pronunciatio n of "animal". Eeesh!! Anyone else?


Simple ;) Zvee - esh - en - ch'em


The voiceover sounds more like to me: Zvee - rjen - ch'em. So I looked it up on google translate and it is a bit more clear, to my ear. I still get tripped up over it for some reason Thanks for replying!


You're welcome! ;) Sometimes this voiceover sounds strange even for natives.


I think "rz" is pronounced like the "hooked r" in Czech; it took me weeks of spitting to finally pronounce it well. <8^)


"esh" gives an sh sound like in ship. It's more like the s in pleasure.


no, it's like zveh-jhen-chyem


Zvyee-zhen-chyem is as close as I can approximate. If you know IPA, its [zvʲɛʐɛnt͡ɕɛm].


Dziękuję za IPA! That is much better than all these romanized approximations. :-)


Spider is an animal or an insect?!


animal =any living thing that is not a plant (Merriam - Webster) zwierzę = «każde żywe stworzenie z wyjątkiem człowieka» (PWN SJP)


What about the bacterias?


animals plants and fungi are eukaryots. bacterias are prokaryots they have no nucleus in cell


so comment above is not quite correct because bacteria is living thing and is not plant


You might have missed the part where every living "stworzenie" that is not a human is "zwierzę", "stworzenie(creature/creation) is a living istota (being) and istota is stworzenie.

Also check definition of insect in merriam-webster dictionary- you will find out that yes spider is an insect :) Love dictionaried and their writers.

"horse -how it looks everyone has seen ":)


A spider is not an insect. It is an arachnid. Insects have 6 legs and arachnids have 8.

Stworzenie = creature… Interesting. I never realized creature has the same root as creation until this discussion. In English, "creation" is a religious term and "creature" is not.

Humans are animals too, though usually people tend to use the word to talk about non-human animals. People also tend to exclude insects, arachnids, and other small creatures. I guess the most common thought is a mammal or perhaps a bird.

Life and death can be very arbitrary at times. People still argue about whether or not viruses are living organisms. Some may also arguing about bacteria. If you don't count either one and then throw fungi into plants, you might get that definition of "animal."

There are up to 5 other kingdoms in biology, depending on how you count.


Why is a spider a 'zwierzęciem', in the instrumental, but not a dog?


I t is not the animal that is the cause of the change, it is whether you used to or jest.


What is it "pies jest zwierzę" but "pająk jest zwierzęciem"? Or did I get the first one wrong?


"spider is an animal" variant without the "the" is treated as incorrect.


Well, I believe that you really need an article before "spider" to make the sentence correct.


Why it is "Pająk jest zwiezęciem", but "Pies jest zwirzę"?


The first one is correct, the second one isn't.


Both have typos: "zwierzęciem", "zwierzę".


Why do we use zwierzeciem instead of zwierze?


After "jest" or any other form of "być" (to be), a noun phrase takes the Instrumental case. "zwierzęciem" is the Instrumental form of "zwierzę".


Thanks for that. I am still working my way around exactly when it is the instrumental case!


Great I am looking at this!


Why is 'Spider is an animal' wrong?


You need an article before "spider" to make the sentence grammatically correct.


When do I say "zwierze" and when do I say "zwierzeciem" ???


"zwierzę" is Nominative (the basic form, used mostly for the subject of the sentence) and "zwierzęciem" is Instrumental, used mostly after forms of "być" (to be) and after the preposition "z" (with).

For a sentence built like this one, both can be used: it's either "Pająk jest zwierzęciem" or "Pająk to zwierzę". More info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Spider is not a animal


Scientific classification:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Arthropoda

Subphylum: Chelicerata

Class: Arachnida

Order: Araneae

I'm pretty sure that Latin "Animalia" is English "Animals". What else would they be if not animals? Plants?


I get confusedwhen to use zwierze or zwierzeciem


"zwierzę" is the basic, Nominative form, used mostly for the subject of the sentence ("Zwierzę je zupę" - "The animal is eating soup") or after "to" in "[noun] is [noun]" sentences ("Tygrys to zwierzę" - "A tiger is an animal").

"zwierzęciem" is the Instrumental form, used mostly after the preposition "z" (with) and after forms of "to be" in sentences like this one.

"A spider is an animal" can be translated two ways: "Pająk jest zwierzęciem" ('jest' + Instrumental) and "Pająk to zwierzę" ('to' + Nominative).

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