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Connectivity Issues on Android Mobile Recently

Hello! This app is magic. I really do love it. It has been timing out on it's connections for the last week, which has been severely hindering my practice. Is this a known issue? I am currently using a HTC Rhyme on Verizon Wireless. Whether connected to the cell network,or wifi, this issue has been nagging. Help?

December 11, 2013



Jan 11, 2017 - same issue. I understand that Duolingo is under heavy load duwle to NY resolutions people started to execute :) but Android app is completely useless ATM - it thinks I'm always offline and thus only allows me to start one specific cached lesson. iOS version in the meantime works, although grading is slooooow.


the same problem has been happening to me recently! have you found a solution?


Same problem with me too... On Android. It happened without any specific action from my part. Tried deinstalling reinstalling, cleaning cache, moving app to SD card... to no avail. I have no idea what is causing this.


I have also had the same problem for a couple of weeks. I haven't managed to find a solution.


Hi all,

For the last two days I've had a "We're having trouble connecting to Duolingo right now. Check your connection or try again in a bit." error message on my Android phone. I've tried deleting the app, and reinstalling and now I can't even log in and still get the same message. I also can't load duolingo.com from my phone, although other pages load. My mobile and wifi connections are definitely working.

I can also connect on my laptop using Chrome and the desktop app.

I've found lots of other people with this error message online, but the only solutions I've found online suggest checking you are definitely connected (which I am). I'm assuming my phone has somehow blocked access to Duolingo, but I have no idea how to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rob


Exactly same symptom same message. Since a few days too! Am on Android phone too (version 2.3.3 - am on Samsung Galaxy S2). Any help welcome!


hi Rob, I have had the same problem for 5 days now. I am on an old adroid version and cannot "update", if it is an android problem. In other connection issues, I was sugested it might be a dns problem. Not being so "able", I am not sure how to change the "server" for my phone (i guess you have go with your operators choice?). But if your are more savy, it might be something to try. I hope that some skilled staff eventually pick up on this problem.


Which android version do you have? Did you try to clear an app's data and cache? Can you log out and log in? If you don't you need to change your hosts file (a root access required) . Go to root directory /etc/ hosts and open it. The hosts file must contain only one string localhost. Delete all other strings. Reboot.


Thank you Alexmalaho for replaying. No I cannot log in. I am on 2.3.4, I have cleared data, cache and also tried reinstalling . I am afraid I am not so "skilled" so my phone is not rooted.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for taking the time to help.

I have Android version 2.3.5.

I have already cleared the app's data and cache. After deleting the app and reinstalling it, I am unable to log in, and get the "We're having trouble connecting to Duolingo right now..." error message every time I try to log in.

I managed to download a file explorer and opened /etc/hosts. There was only one line " localhost", so there were no other strings to delete.

If anyone has any other ideas of how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rob


Ок, I see, try to check DNS name resolving from the phone. Go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overlook.android.finghl=en and install that app. Run Fing and go to the tab Tools (tap on the globe). At the top of the page type Duolingo.com If a successful connection has been made, IP address will be displayed. And also check the route (tap the traceroute), DL can be blocked by your ISP.


Hi Alex,

Firstly just to say I'm not an expert at this, so I am just following your instructions!

I have downloaded Network Tools, and on the Ping tab, I entered "www.duolingo.com" and clicked Ping. I received "Error. Please try again." (When I tried with "www.google.com", I received the IP address plus other information).

On the Traceroute tab I entered "www.duolingo.com" and received lots of data including "traceroute to". I went to this address using my browser and I found a "Error 404" page from Duolingo but I don't know if this is relevant.


Hi! Google play services is platform for google (PlayMarket ,google +, gmail etc. Additionally it's responsible for update apps from play market). Has anyone tried to use my address link below or maybe domain name duolingo.com works in your browser (on your phone).


I have tried the adress in the browser on my phone, and I got an error message "not available for the moment".


Hi Alex,

I typed into my phone's browser and accepted the security certificate. The first time it didn't load but when I refreshed, I get the following page "Error 404 - Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn't exist" and a picture of a sick looking owl.


Hi, thanks for trying to come up with a solution but I am afraid you need 4.1 to run that app, is there an option?


@RobboLingo you can't ping duolingo.com, it's forbidden. Route is ok. You're likely to have DNS-related problems. Copy and paste this address into your browser, it don't have a valid certificate so you have to agree.


Hello Alex, If it is a dns problem, can it have any connection to my out of date google play services app?


Hi RobboLingo, we are so many to be confronted to this problem that I believe it is a bug in the latest release of the Duolingo App. Let's just hope the dev team reads this thread ;)


Hi, I was getting the same message: An error occurred, try again later. So I used the website version of Duolingo, did a couple of lessons, after that I opened the Android app and all the lessons were loading OK.


Hi! When does this happen? Are you stuck offline even though you're online? Are you doing a challenge when the grading times out? Any other details would be super helpful.


Hi! Thank youf or responding so quickly!

It seems to happen sporadically. It behaves as though I have exited an cell service coverage area while using the app - except, I haven't -- or as though the servers are overwhelmed, slowing connection speed.

The first time it ever happened was on plurals. It has happened multiple times today. I would be working on an exercise, when I click to check my answer, this is the most common time it will time out and give the error message. I have also received the "We're having trouble connecting to Duollingo. Please check your connection or try again later." when trying to click the icon for food and animals (to increase my strength bars).

Need more details?


Have you resolved the issue? Because I am facing the same problem. Please let me know.


I have the same. did anybody help you?


Me too, help! :(


Hi all! I had the same problem with my Duolingo and could temporarily resolve it by installing an older version of the application from the following link. https://duolingo.en.uptodown.com/android/old Hope it can help you!

[deactivated user]

    Doesn't work for me. I have installed version 3.17.3 (earlier can't be installed - Android 2.3.6 didn't accept them) and nothing changed. It is something on Duolingo servers, no doubt about it. The question is, if somebody on their side will have time to solve it.

    Other applications on my phone, e.g. Endomondo, don't have any problems with connectivity, no matter if I am connected to WiFi or it is through mobile operator.


    hi. Also haven't been able to login or use in any way for some weeks. Keeps reporting connectivity issues. Tried installing several versions


    I recommend you to try VPN.


    can confirm expressvpn resolved the issue for me.


    Strangely this problem seems to go away if I enable a VPN


    It's November 2018 and android's still struggling. Disconnects all the time, works one training after reboot than disconnects again. I'll buy PLUS if they fix it, I'm tired of losing streaks because of this.


    I am having same issue accessing from my iPhone recently. From iPad seems better. But some times I also have accessing from iPad too. It starts normal then tip note with Duolingo bird appears then it is singing moving it can’t connect then closes the application. It is effecting my practice. Any tips will be useful

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