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"We do not understand why he does not close the door."

Translation:Nie rozumiemy, dlaczego on nie zamyka drzwi.

December 30, 2015



if the sentence were: "...he is not closing the door" provided answer would be correct. However, I believe "why is does not close the door" indicated a one-time action, so "zamknie" would be a better translation.


Using present simple indicates repetitive or habitual action, so zamyka is correct.

Also zamknie is future tense, if you used it the whole sentence would have completely different meaning.

Not every verb in Polish has dokonany (done) and niedokonany (in progress, repetitive) aspect in present tense. Zamykać is one of them.


zamknie, to be precise is future perfect. I'm Polish, former journalist:)


It's hard to guess intentions at times. I came across this sentence as I was "testing out". I have not gone through the course, and much like in other languages there's a wiggle room, not always recognized by the program. One can imagine a situation to which this sentence pertains but the intent of the inventor may be different. Are you Polish?


w polskim roznice miedzy czasem dokonanym i niedokonanym najlepiej oddaje non-continuous vs continuous


Can someone please help me understand my error here? "My nie rozumiemy dlaczego że on nie zamyka drzwi." I think it may be that I used ze but I am unclear as to why that is right or wrong? Thank you in advance.


Yes exactly, "dlaczego że" doesn't exist, doesn't work. You probably mixed it with "dlatego, że", but it means "because".


Here, the second sentence (after dlaczego) is negative. So why don't we use genitive (drzwa or drzwu). Is this because zamykać itself is something negative, and neg x neg = pos kind of logic?

  1. Neither 'drzwa' nor 'drzwu' are existing words ;)

  2. Don't focus too much on the 'negative' thing. Generally, different verbs and prepositions just need different things. True, there are a lot of somehow 'negative' verbs that need Genitive, but it doesn't guarantee it. And for sure there isn't anything like neg x neg = pos.

  3. It actually is Genitive. It just happens to be identical to Accusative and Nominative with this specific word. So you will have "dlaczego on zamyka drzwi" and "dlaczego on nie zamyka drzwi", they use identical words, but these are different cases actually. Compare with closing 'a window': On zamyka okno vs On nie zamyka okna.


Why exercises like this are so rare? I think it's better that translating from Polish


You get more translations from English into Polish on higher crown levels.


Accidentally clicked TEST [when I wanted to do Present 4; and no, I am not thinking of testing out of that even though I have 7/8].

And that comma should have given me a clue after rozumiemy .

as well as "jem nie" - was that about eating by any chance?


There's no "jem nie" here...

If by any chance you're talking about the "choose an answer out of three sentences" exercise, the wrong ones are usually complete nonsense.


I do notice that one of the multiple choice ones is a distractor, yes.

And the others are so close/plausible.

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