"What bread do you like?"

Translation:Jaki chleb lubisz?

December 30, 2015

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why not 'który'? 'Jaki' does mean 'what kind' but wouldn't people also understand 'który'?


From my point of view "który" means type (rye/graham/black bread, etc.) or one from these loaves of bread that you are showing. "Jaki" means, according me, mean its property (well baked/sweet).


Although "jaki" could mean what you call property, I'd rather expect it to mean the type. Or maybe, type is a property as well. But "który" sounds as if you had a closed set of potential answers to choose from. It could work, but "jaki" seems a lot more natural to me.

Compare with a simple question giving a choice: Który chleb wolisz, biały czy razowy? = Which bread do you prefer, white or whole wheat?


This is a challenge for me, as well. I would ask "which bread do you like" in English, therefore, I want to use the word "story". I cannot wrap my head around this one, for some reason. Such a challenge.


I agree gbaldacci1309. One doesn't say 'what bread would u like? ' in English. Rather it is... 'which kind of bread would u like?' So, I am also perplexed how to learn and apply in this context.


When talking of general type, we'd probably say "What (kind of) bread do you like?".

The use of "which" exactly implies a choice from a closed set of options, for example looking at a selection in a shop. (And what a selection you get in Polish bakeries!)



Would it ever be right to say "jaki chleb ty lubisz"?


Yes, it is natural when you e.g. have a conversation with someone and this person asks you what kind of bread you like. Then you want to ask the same question, so you use "ty" to make a kind of contrary. :) And you should also add "a" at the beggining of the sentence, so it goes: "-Jaki lubisz chleb? -Zwykle jem biały chleb. A jaki chleb ty lubisz?", meaning, "-What bread do you like? -I usually eat white bread. And what bread do you like?".


Shouldn't this translate better into "how do you like your bread?" ?


No. It's what bread/what kind of bread (white, wholegrain?)


lubić is to like something you have personal experience with. Smakujesz specifically refers to food and if you like it (flavor). This is either wrong or ambiguous


"Lubić" is simple "Like". You uses "Smakować" in this form "Jaki chleb Ci smakuje" - "What bred is tasty to you" ;)


could you say,"co".


No, I think that's basically a noun. While "jaki" can be used behind a noun like "chleb" like it's an adjective. Does that make sense? I might be wrong because I'm learning Polish too. I just noticed no one answered your question in a long time.


when do we use 'co' and when do we use 'jaki'?


co? is a question of subject or direct object (in accusative) = the answer is noun in nominative or accusative.

jaki/jaka/jakie/jacy is a question of description- answer is adjective, or a long description.


can someone please explain the difference between jaki, jakie, jacy, and co


Jaki, jakie, jacy... are inflected forms of the same lexeme. Check this declension table in order to decide which one to use.

The difference between jaki and co is explained by Jellei's comment in this discussion.


Why not "czego chleb lubisz?"?


I'm afraid it simply makes no sense. Here "what" = "what kind of", and that definitely translates to a form of "jaki".

"czego" is a Genitive form of "co" and it would work in a sentence like "Czego potrzebujesz?" (What do you need?).

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