"The Buddhist studies meditation."

Translation:Buddysta uczy się medytacji.

December 30, 2015

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Dla czego nie moze powiedzieć: Buddysta uczy sie medytować?


"Dlaczego nie można powiedzieć" :)


Ok, dodałem. Ale lepiej nie zmieniać części mowy, jeśli da się tego uniknąć.


Buddystyka uczy medytacji


"The Buddhist teaches meditation."

If you meant "Buddystka", that is.


Buddystyka would be "Buddhist studies", I guess :) I mean a major (?) at the university. I have a friend who studies that.


You're right. It appears that the only place you can study that in Poland is at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

The official term they use is "studia nad buddyzmem".


Why not studuje.? I thought studuje meant to study, i. e TRY to learn. whilst uczy sie meant learn , with or with out studying


Studiować necessarily implies being enroled in a tertiary education institution, like for example a university. I suppose it's not unlikely that such a place exists where you can actually earn a 'degree in meditation', but, didactically speaking, allowing such an answer would do more harm than good.


Are there perfective and imperfective forms of "to study"? I was guessing that "studiować" was perfective abd "uczyć się" was imperfective. I tried to look yhis up but I didn't find any information. Based on the wording of the sentence in English (which I know I shouldn't take as a guide), I used "studiuje" (as a perfective aspect verb) which was accepted. I do not see this as confirmation of my hunch, though. So I am asking if there really is a difference in aspect between the two verbs.


Ok, so I've just removed studiuje from the list of acceptable answers because both its meanings don't seem likely to me here.

Both uczyć się and studiować are imperfective, otherwise the sentence would be in future tense.

The perfective of uczyć się is nauczyć się and the perfective of studiować is przestudiować, unless you are referring to university studies, whose sucessful completion would be rendered as skończyć studia.


dlaczego nie mogę powiedzieć Buddysta studiuje medytację.


Tak jak Alik napisał wyżej, to mało prawdopodobne tłumaczenie. "Medytacja" to nie jest kierunek studiów na uniwersytecie.

As Alik wrote above, it's an unlikely translation. "Meditation" isn't a major one can study at a university.

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