"Ich werde es im Kopf behalten."

Translation:I will make a mental note of it.

January 12, 2013

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Is "I will keep it in the head." wrong? I do understand that "I will keep it (my) mind." would be more natural. But is the first sentence wrong. DL offered "I will keep it in my head." as one of the correct answers.


Germans don't use 'my' (mein) when talking about their body parts. That's why you hear "Ich wasche mir die Hände" and "ich habe mir das Bein gebrochen."


I think the only right translation is: "I will make a mental note of it". Certainly not :" ..keep it in the head". "...in my head" just sounds awkward.


perhaps "I will keep it in mind"?


Tylerthehun, yours sounds the most natural to me.


or "I will bear it in mind".


Well, translating it into its most general meaning didn't work: "I will remember it."


"I will keep that in mind" is a correct translation IMO...


Duolingo is very picky about the difference between "es/it" and "das/that". If your translation was not accepted, I expect that is why.


Yes, I agree, but in colloquial English, saying "that" is more common than saying "it" ... I get the difference but I think D should accept it! Anyhow, yes, I guess I'll have to "adapt"...


I agree, it sounds much more natural to use "that" in your translation. I guess the question is, is it also more common to say "das" rather than "es" in this sort of context in German?

Because if the variant with "es" is the most common German variant of this sentence, and the variant with "that" is the most common English variant of this sentence, then clearly "that" should be accepted as a correct answer.

. . . but if, on the contrary, saying this sentence with "es/it" sounds as clumsy in German as in English, then the distinction between "es/it" and "das/that" clearly ought to be preserved, so we don't fall into bad habits . . .

Unfortunately, I don't which is the case.


"I'll keep it in mind." is a more perfect translation than "I'll take a mental note of it." considering both the literal and tonal context as far as I can see.

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I will keep it in mind.


I wrote "keep it in mind" (which was correct by the way), but Duolingo offers "I will make a mental note of it", and I was like what... Does ANYBODY (any native speaker) ever say that? I have NEVER even heard of "making a mental note"...


Yes, I make mental notes all the time. The imagery is that, paper not being handy, you write it down in the back of your mind instead. I am an AE native.


"I will make a note of it" should be accepted in my opinion. I don't believe it's necessary to include mental.


But why "behalten" instead of "halten". Is it a Präteritum?


No -- just a derived verb with prefix be- like beachten, behalten, bezahlen, beantworten, ....

The be- is part of the infinitive.

halten = to hold, behalten = to keep, to retain.


Duo rejected "I shall keep it in mind." He needs to learn more English.


Ich werde es mir merken


The best would be : I will keep it in my mind

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