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The difference between "you & me" & " you & I"?

Hi everyone! I just want to know the difference between this two expressions, because I don't know when it's better to use the first one or the second one. Thank you guys!

December 30, 2015

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Just use whichever one makes sense without the "you and" part. "You and I are tall" makes sense because you say "I am tall." "He is talking to you and me" also makes sense because you say "he is talking to me."


Thank you for your answer. So with a verb that's much better to use "I" than "me", isn't it?


"you and I" is '' we'' (subject pronoun) but "you and me" is "us" (object pronoun) Exemple : 1_ you and I are talking ; we are talking 2_ he is talking about you and me ; he is talking about us


use "you and I" before the verb (nominative case) and use "you and me" after the verb or after a preposition (accusative case). Examples: 1. You and I went shopping. 2. He saw you and me [although you would normally say He saw us]. 3. He gave it to you and me [here "you and me" is the object of the preposition "to"].


Thanks everyone for your answers! Now it's clearer for me! Take care!

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