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"Chłopiec siedzący na tamtej ławce jest moim synem."

Translation:The boy sitting on that bench is my son.

December 30, 2015



the boy who sits on that bench is ma son


Well, clearly the boy 'is sitting' there right now, and not generally. So I think this should be the only tense acceptable.


I don't think that's clear at all. He might eat lunch on the same bench every day, and that might be the way the listener identifies him.


Would it also make sense sense to say "Chłopcem siedzącym na tamtej ławce jest mój syn"?


It's the boy sitting on the bench, who is defined by being someone's son, rather than someone's son being defined as a boy sitting on a bench.


Would adding the word currently be considered wrong? The boy currently/presently sitting on that bench is my son. I appreciate that it's somewhat redundant, but does it not effectively have that meaning?


It has effectively the same meaning, but then you would add an equivalent word to the Polish sentence.


Maybe "na tamtej ławce" would be less likely, but if we imagine "w tamtej ławce" (which implies a school bench), then it is very possible that we mean that he sits there regularly, even if he's not sitting there at the moment.

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