"Chłopiec siedzący na tamtej ławce jest moim synem."

Translation:The boy sitting on that bench is my son.

December 30, 2015

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the boy who sits on that bench is ma son


Well, clearly the boy 'is sitting' there right now, and not generally. So I think this should be the only tense acceptable.


I don't think that's clear at all. He might eat lunch on the same bench every day, and that might be the way the listener identifies him.


Would it also make sense sense to say "Chłopcem siedzącym na tamtej ławce jest mój syn"?


It's the boy sitting on the bench, who is defined by being someone's son, rather than someone's son being defined as a boy sitting on a bench.


If 'siedzący na tamtej ławce' were set off with commas, would that be better, worse, or niether?


I think it wouldn't be wrong, but rather strange, in my opinion at least. So you want to make that part an inclusion - okay, it works. "Chłopiec jest moim synem" is a fine sentence on its own, so is "The boy is my son". But your Polish sentence is like "The boy, who (by the way) is sitting on that bench, is my son". I just think it feels more natural to use "the boy sitting on that bench" as one noun phrase.


So: if you want the relative clause or participial phrase to be restrictive, omit the commas, just like in English. (I think that in Russian the commas are required, whether the clause/phrase is restrictive or not.)


I've entered this sentence structure into both the Russian and the Polish corpus and it turns out that nearly all Russian sentences included a comma, whereas in Polish, fewer than one in ten sentences had it.


There were not enough words to make a full sebtebce, and therefore I got a failure.....


There is a possibility that there was some bug, but we would need to see a screenshot to figure it out.

I know there was a bug on the app where not all the tiles fit in the screen unless you put the phone in horizontal mode, maybe that's what it was.


"A boy sitting on that bench is my son" This sentence was not accepted. Please revise :)


Did you mean 'advise'?

We need the definite article here. Remove the middle part and we get "A boy is my son".

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