"Kobieta jedząca lody jest moją siostrą."

Translation:The woman eating ice cream is my sister.

December 30, 2015

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I think the "The ice cream eating woman is my sister" is a correct answer as well. Although I just wanted to say thank you for the contributors, i'm just about to finish the language tree. It helped me to revisit some long forgotten knowledge and learn some more! :)


After some thought - added.

Thanks for your kind words :)


Sorry, but we wouldn't say that.


"After some thought" means that I must have consulted it with some native(s), so someone said that it is acceptable... although it was so long ago that I don't have it in my archives.


This seems to be a Polish construction I call "The standing on the corner man". But in English we can't use a participle clause before a noun like this. We can use a full relative clause, "the woman who is eating ice cream", or a reduced relative clause, "the woman eating ice cream", but not your construction, I'm afraid.


I am sure the audio says "loda" but the written text is "lody". If this is so, wouldn't it needs fixing as "lody" is plural, "ice creams"; I got it wrong on my first try. (Otherwise I will just need to get my ears checked :-)


the audio is weird. It is some sound that is somewhere between a and y. unfortunately all we can do about audio, is turn off listening excesses, and comment that it is wrong in the comment section.


Thank you for all your comments and help. I have just finished the Polish Skill tree, and had so much fun! Thanks for your hard work (& the team) in making the experience so rewarding.


In what context you use "jedzony" or "jedzona"?


You'd use it for something that is 'being eaten'.

"Jajka są często jedzone na śniadanie" = "Eggs are often eaten for breakfast".


Is that passive ?


Yes, it is the passive mood.

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