"Znasz kogoś pijącego więcej kawy niż on?"

Translation:Do you know anybody who drinks more coffee than him?

December 30, 2015

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As per earlier exercises, "...than he" needs adding as it is correct English.

Reported, mentioning here for non-native English learners.

1) "...than he" is prescriptively correct English (just like in Polish; we're comparing subjects, not objects)

2) That said, "...than him" enjoys popular usage regardless and can be described as still descriptively correct, so should also remain in the database.


I'm a non-native English learner and made the same "mistake" notwithstanding. ;) And once again. Also reporting in hope for changes, may later learners fare better.


"Than he" was not accepted in a test but it should be. I certainly speak that way.


"Do you know anybody who drinks coffee more than him?" should be accepted


I believe that one is rejected because in that sentence 'coffee' is a direct object and as such would be put in the accusative case in Polish: "Znasz kogoś pijącego kawę więcej niż on?"


I'm not sure if "więcej" is wrong in your sentence, but "częściej" (more often) seems definitely safer to me if you choose such a word order.

You're right about the reason :)


"anyone" should also be accepted together with "anybody"

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It rejected my " you know someone drinking more coffee than him? "


It's because of the "drinking", you need "who drinks". "You know someone who drinks more coffee than him?" should work fine.

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Oh. Thanks : )


I was under the impression that this lesson was about participles and gerunds. If so, than aren't we supposed to be contructing or interpreting sentences that describe " [gerund: 'xyzing'] person is doing something"?


I don't believe your example is a gerund... it works like an adjective, so it's a participle.

A gerund is used e.g. in "Drinking alcohol is bad for you".


Do you know someone who is drinking more coffee than he is? Tho it is a little stilted, it seems like it should be acceptable?


I think such situation is possible. For example, when you see that someone is drinking more coffee than he is, and you want to know this person. Although such situation should be rare, because drinking much coffee during a short period of time is life threatening.


"Do you someone who drinks more coffee than him?" Was rejected


You forgot "know" :) Everything else is fine here.

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