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not getting options to practice speaking

Hi everyone! Is anyone else not getting the option to practice speaking? I checked my settings and my microphone is on but no exercises are coming up that prompt me to speak. I am wondering if one of my settings is wrong but I'm not sure how to fix it. Thanks in advance for any help.

December 30, 2015



Not all the languages have speaking exercises enabled, and even of those that do, some of them only offer them sporadically/to certain users.

I've never been offered a speaking exercise in Polish or Russian, even though I know others who have in the latter.

Your best bet is probably to parrot back the sentences you're given anyway, even though you're not being tested, because speech recognition can be dicey anyway. Improvisation is the way forward in this regard, IMO!


I don't get that option either. I guess they haven't developed that yet?

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