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  5. "Myślisz o nas czy o nich?"

"Myślisz o nas czy o nich?"

Translation:Do you think about us or them?

December 30, 2015



Are the "us" and "them" pronouns in different cases? If I hover over them it says "nas" is genitive or accusative whereas "nich" is locative. But I can't figure out why they should be different.


It looks like the dictionary hints have been updated: „nich” is both locative and genitive, and this use is genitive „nich” I think.


Well, I'm afraid you're wrong here. While Locative is mostly about location (its Polish name, Miejscownik, also keeps this connotation), when we learn cases at school, the basic questions of Locative are not in fact connected with location. The basic questions are: o kim? o czym? (about whom? about what?) And this is exactly what happens here. For both of them. I'm afraid the hover tips are still very imperfect...


So sentences containing the form „o [someone/thing]” always put that object in locative case? I'm still very unsure about which cases are used when, but I've been noticing that „o” often takes the locative, but not always.


Not always, but you will mostly encounter it when it means 'about', and then it's definitely Locative. The alternative is Accusative. Check the entry here.


Excellent "entry here".


The intonation is terrible on that one.


This one denied : You think about us or them?


The pronunciation is suffering! The intonation of the interrogation should be on "NAS", not on "NICH".


Why is 'Are you thinking about us or them' unacceptable?


It is accepted, it should have worked.

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