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I'm in İstanbul!

Duolingerers, I've arrived in Turkey & İstanbul today for the first time in my life and I'm so ready to speak some Turkish! Is anyone living in or near the city and wants to have a Duolingo Meet up? Could be amazing :D :D :D Reply here or private message me and we'll do it. I'm in town for a little while!!! Cheers, Charlie

December 30, 2015



Welcome to Turkey! Istanbul is the most crowded city in here, i wish good luck you in the traffic :) I recommend you to go to the Topkapı Palace. It was the headquarter of Ottoman Empire and a palace which Ottoman monarches live in it. Tekrardan hoş geldin :)


Thanks! I will go check it out :)


Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful time! :) Seeing the New Year in while in Istanbul will be cool!

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