"I looked at her."

Translation:Spojrzałam na nią.

December 30, 2015

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How come 'popatrzylam / lem' is not a correct answer?


Yeah, I just got marked wrong for the same thing, so I'd aslo like to know: why can you not use "popatrzyłam" instead of "spojrzałam"? What is the difference between the use of these two words?


I think that "popatrzyłam/em" work well here - added.

The difference... it's hard to say. Personally I'd say that 'spojrzeć' is shorter (a short glance)... but it even doesn't have to be. So maybe there isn't one really.


Is na nią some exception? If I google the case you have to use after 'na', it is always only locative or accusative. However nią is in instrumental?


"Nią" is not only Instrumental, but also a possible Accusative form which appears after a preposition. So if it's bare Accusative (I saw her = Widziałem ją) it's only 'ją', if it's some preposition that need Accusative, 'ją' changes into 'nią'.

Same applies for other genders. go/niego for masculine; je/nie for neuter and for not masculine-personal plural, ich/nich for masculine personal plural.


Thanks a lot !

Your fast responses are super usefull


Your mistake probably comes from using a source that does not include all answers. use this one


It's a shame the sentence is not read back to you, when complete!


Why is Spojrzałem na nią wrong?


It's a perfect answer, one of the two starred ones...

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