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What brought you to Duolingo?

I know how I found out about Duolingo but I am wondering about how others got here.

I was browsing the forums on Memrise and someone asked what a good way to teach a language to a child was. Someone suggested Duolingo so I looked it up (even though I'm not a child) and here I am!

So, how did you arrive at Duolingo? Do you recommend it to friends? Why or why not?

I recommend it because it's been the easiest way for me to develop grammar skills and it's really easy to use.

January 12, 2013



I also found it in the Memrise forums ;-) Memrise is great for learning words, but I prefer Duolingo because it focuses more on sentences and actually speaking the language instead of only knowing a lot of words.

I recommend it to everybody who wants to learn a language. I already had a (French) grammar book which I'm using next to Duolingo. I think for new users a great way to learn a language is by using Duolingo and then looking up stuff in a grammar book - it helps explaining things for me.


The following Ted talk with the creator. Amazing, best Ted talk i have scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQl6jUjFjp4


I will check it out!


Google Chrome did, or that chrome shop where you get the apps and stuff...


I've been looking for something like Duolingo for a long time. I just happened to be on facebook when a friend of mine was having a conversation back and forth on Facebook and "her" friend suggested this site so I thought .. why not. I'll give it a try. I'm so happy that I did. I've been addicted to it ever since. So I guess I can say I heard about it through "word of mouth" via facebook .

I honestly have learned more french on duolingo than in a semester sitting in a french class. I'm a french major in college so I'm shocked at the amount I've been able to learn in a few weeks.


It really is amazing how fast you can learn with Duolingo. I recently took a Spanish placement test and placed advanced in nouns and intermediate in everything else. I never scored that high before taking Duolingo. It was a great feeling.

And it's amazing what things you can come to find through word of mouth!


The Luis von Ahn's Ted Talk about recaptcha and Duolingo!


It was introduced to me by a friend, and I was immediately addicted

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