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"Na pewno nie znasz tego zespołu."

Translation:Surely you do not know this band.

December 30, 2015



Yes I do.....and don't call me "Shirley."


The Hover Hints are really confusing here: apparently na pewno can mean Surely... (as given above) - or Are you sure... ?, which is practically the opposite (or maybe just incorrect?).

Please elucidate!


na pewno cant also mean "really"?


Maybe there would be contexts when it would mean that, but not here. Actually using "really" would make sense only if you changed the sentence into a question caused by your surprise - that is my feel.


Of course?


Not really, that's "oczywiście".


So the Polish word for band is cesspool. Excellent, that's easy to remember.


If I heard. "Surely you do not know this band" I would think it was a question, probably asked because of "surprise that you knew this band" and wanted confirmation. If I wanted to emphasise the "not knowing" I would say Definately, you do not know this band. Definately in this instance meaning - I am sure Almost every sentence that I can think of begining with "surely" is a question.


No it's just a statement where the speaker is surprised. Just because you are fishing for confirmation from the listener doesn't mean that what your saying is a question.

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