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  5. "I am going abroad."

"I am going abroad."

Translation:Jadę za granicę.

December 30, 2015



wyjeżdżam za granicę is also correct....


why is idę not accepted also


Za granicą or za granicę? Can both be used?


Is it accusative because of the movement, similarly to na + accusative cases?


Why not Idzie za granicę ?


Iść refers to going on foot. That doesn't sound natural in this phrase.


...and it should be 'idę', not 'idzie'. But it's probably a quite natural thing for people living in Słubice, for example ;-)


Having been to Słubice, I can assure you that no one there says "idę za granicę" when going shopping to the Lenné Passagen :)


Maybe because they need their cars to carry all the stuff home. Same as most of the Germans who go shopping in Poland :D


Well, Germans don't say "I gehe/fahre/reise ins Ausland" either when they cross the border to visit the market in Słubice.


Maybe this could be said as a kind of joke...

But what we actually say is "ich gehe/fahre über die Grenze". And if we really go on foot, it's definitely "ich gehe". Anyway, it's most likely to name the town or country we are going to.


Ah ok, I see now why you would suggest "idę za granicę". Even though it sounds like an equivalent of "Ich gehe über die Grenze", it is in fact something like "Ich laufe ins Ausland".

For crossing a border you might say "jadę/idę przez granicę" or "przekraczam granicę" (often used figuratively).


I understand that "Jade za granicę" is a kind of fixed expression for going abroad, and indeed it equals the German "Ich fahre ins Ausland". And I can see that you're really an expert in German language as you said "Ich laufe ins Ausland" and not "Ich gehe ins Ausland", which is a fixed expression for "I'm moving to another country".

I do appreciate this conversation, but I think I can't go on here because the space is getting too narrow on my mobile :D


Does this sentence literally mean „I am going behind the borders”?


'Behind the border' (singular/directional), yes.

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