"Nie znam nikogo pracującego w tym biurze."

Translation:I do not know anyone working in this office.

December 30, 2015

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Dziękuję bardzo!

I'm very grateful to all the contributors of the Polish for English speakers course! Nice work! Also I'm very excited by fast and very detailed answers from moderators Jellei and Emwue and other students like Okcydent. Cheers guys! I'm going to keep my Polish tree gold, so I will stay here.


All the best! :)


I second all of the above! And now this crowns system has been introduced, I can work on raising my crown count starting from the beginning again.


Thank you to all the instructors for a great course! I'm very impressed - it's given me an excellent start in Polish. Thank you! It would be fantastic to have a more advanced course that continues from this level.


My first inclination was, I don't know anyone that works in this office


This should have worked.

Also, congratulations on reaching level 25! :)


One comment on this last lesson - in many of the questions the sentences were already fully constructed, so there was not all that much to do.


They are not 'constructed' at all on our ('language team') side, it's an app bug that we can do nothing about here. I also encounter such stuff sometimes (the Russian course, mostly), usually with the longer sentences. But I also know that on other occasions I did the same sentence 'normally'.

Thank you for your kind words :)


To me "who" is a question word. If I was constructing the English sentense it eould be.

I do not know anyone working in this office


Who does not need to be a question word, it works just as well as a relative pronoun.


Is that answer not accepted?


It is. But I agree that it is closer to the Polish sentence, therefore it will be the main answer now.


Can someone help me construc the sentence with the opposite meaning please? Is it: ‚znam kogoś pracujący w tym biurze’ or ‚znam kogoś pracującego w tym biurze’?

The latter feels right somehow, but I’m not sure why that should be…


A Polish native speaker here in the "backroom" tells me the correct form is indeed "znam kogoś pracującego w tym biurze". HTH!


Thanks, I thought so! But I still can’t figure out why?


Well, "znam" takes Accusative, and "ktoś" is a masculine animate noun (regardless of the sex or gender of the person referenced), which means that you are in the territory of "Accusative-which-looks-like-Genitive".


Yes, of course thanks… It’s kind of a adjective phrase which all has to be in the same case then.

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