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"Костюм ему мал, но через год или два будет как раз."

Translation:The suit is too small for him but in a year or two it is going to be just right.

December 30, 2015



This sentence means that the person is shrinking with time, rather than growing. Unless we are talking about Benjamin Button, this sentence does not make sense. And the word costume should be accepted too!


It's not meant to make sense, just to make sure you're awake :-)


I think the implied meaning is that "he" in question is too fat for the suit currently, but after a year or two of a good weight-loss regimen, it'll fit just fine. What's more, people do shrink as time goes on. Most elderly folks are not the same height they were when they were younger. It could be either, but it most likely the former.


Can a native speaker confirm whether this is a possible meaning? It makes the most sense to me.


"The suit is small on him, but it will be just right in a year or two." Why isn't this right, also? Russian is very flexible with its syntax


Just flag your response as "Should have been accepted". That helps improve Duolingo.


Yes “it will be just right” makes sense, but not “it will be just” this is not English, their translation is totally off...


Если костюм ему уже мал, как через год или два он станет ему как раз?


Хозяин похудеет.


It would be better, IMHO, if all the sentences were logically sound. "Humorous" ones like this feel like gotchas to learners.


Why am I marked wrong for 'The suit is too small for him but it is going to be just right in a year or two'??? This should be accepted.


the sentence structured awkward, the size of a suit does not change as the time passes but a young boy can grow.


Or old boy can shrink.


Or a fat person can lose weight

Or a young boy can get cancer


This is a different sentence from the one beginning "Костюм ему немного велик..." in which "a little large" is an accurate translation.

Isn't мал simply a predicate adjective meaning "small" and there's nothing in the sentence suggesting "a little small". That would be немного маленький, wouldn't it?

Or is it just an idiom?


This is because Russians, over time, become smaller

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