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  5. i am the son of my parents


i am the son of my parents

  • soy hijo de mis padres

  • de quien eres hijo tu? yo soy hijo de mis padres

  • yo soy hijo de juan y maria

  • Sabes si es hijo de maria?

All of them are correct,but duolingo marked the first one as wrong. You dont need to use the article "el" in any of those sentences. you can say "soy hijo de tal persona" or "soy el hijo de tal persona" or " yo soy el hijo de tal persona"

December 30, 2015



@jon, it is to make the sentence clearer. (1). The first one as a general statement is incorrect as is.

(2). The second has an incomplete answer similar to #1.

(3). The third is good.

(4). The last would be incorrect unless it's blatantly obvious who you're talking about. But it's passable.

But, you're right. I've reported quite a lot and they've fixed them. They try to give as much leeway with the language as possible and many times there's no context (very important sometimes).

Obviously, we're not on duo to learn to write Nobel prize for literature quality books ;).

Edit: there are grammatical rules for when you can and cannot drop the personal pronoun in the written form. Oral speech on the other hand anything goes ;).


i can tell you for sure none of them are wrong.im a native from spain and use them all in any context.i can agree the last one needs more context but all them are just fine.anyway,i already gave a reason as to why duolingo may mark this as wrong and i already reported it too

  • yo soy hijo de dios (statement as it is and its correct

  • casual chat: "entonces tu de quien eres hijo, yo soy hijo de mis padres,creo que no necesitas saber su nombre"

  • yo soy hijo de juan y maria

  • oye maria,sabes si ese chico es hijo de sara?

all of them are 100% correct and in use

Edit: you can look up "soy hijo de mis padres" quoted for more acurate results and you will se its used in written form too,i cant tell you what rule defines we can use "soy hijo de" without the article but it is gramatically correct for sure


Hello, for me the difference exist,

I am a son of my parents = (Soy un hijo de mis padres / Soy hijo de mis padres.)

It would mean that my parents could have more than one son.

But if you say,

I am the son of my parents = Yo soy el hijo de mis padres.

It would mean that my parents have only one son (and it's me)

In your example where you say:

Soy camarero en este bar. = Soy el camarero en este bar.

Really are not equal for me because both sentences say that I am a waiter in this bar, but the second one besides says that I am the only one waiter ni this bar.



saying "soy el camarero en este bar" does not mean that you are the only one.not at all,and its the same for soy hijo de mis padres.none of them incate you are the only one. even more so,we never say "soy el hijo de mis padres".it doesnt make any sense saying that in any context, we say "soy hijo de mis padres" when someone is asking us who our parents are but we dont really want to give an answer.thats the only context the phrase would make sense. and for the "camarero" one,"soy el camarero en este bar,y ella es la camarera,y él el cocinero" it doesnt really mean you are the only one,you can assume that but it isnt really stated. the ponit is "i am the son of my parents" means "soy hijo de mis padres",none of them indicate i am the only son,and saying "soy el hijo de mis padres" doesn't make much sense to me because i wouldn't use that phrase in any context.

If someone asks me "de quien eres hijo" i would always say "yo soy hijo de" and never "yo soy el hijo de",which is not wrong but duolingo says,"yo soy hijo de" is but is not,in any case


Hi! I just looked up the first sentence. It is definately correct. I would report it. :)


I have to wonder why duolingo does this. There must be a reason. Maybe one of the administrators can give us an answer.


if i had to guess,i'd say its because they want to us to use the word "el" because in most english contsructions where you dont use any article it is actually needed in spanish.so i guess duo thinks its better to always use the article when translating to spanish.but in this peculiar case not using it is correct so it should be acepted,anyway i reported it


yo no hablos espanol

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