"These pants are ugly."

Translation:Te spodnie są brzydkie.

December 31, 2015

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do i really need sa?


Yes, because "they are" =są and spodnie- trousers have only plural forms(I mean nominative plural, genetive plural...) and are then only used in plural. Like in English there is not "a trouser" and you have to say "these trousers are ugly", not "these trousers is ugly"-> it sounds quite ugly the latter one ;)


Cant you say "te spodnie nie są ładne". I think this is correct but its annoying when the app wants specific answers


Well, it's correct in Polish, but it doesn't say the same thing. "ugly" and "not pretty" don't mean the same. The fact that a person's face is not pretty, doesn't mean that it's ugly. It may just be... totally average.


Thanks, that's very true.


I think this should also accept majtki as an answer, since in British English, pants does not mean trousers, it means underwear and there's no context to guess which it means unless you check the Polish first by hovering over.


You're right, but at some point we decided to make 'trousers' the default, even if it's not American English (which is the Duolingo default). But we aim at being as unambiguous as possible. Ergo, "These trousers are ugly" will now be the default.


That's a good solution, thank you!

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