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Search tool in Vocabulary section

Sometimes I need to search for particular words in my vocabulary list, this would be a really helpful tool.

January 12, 2013



Yest, this would be so good when looking a word up (both in english or in the current active studying one)


yes, this would be so much better than having to alphabetize and then scroll through 700+ words


Seconded. Also, it'd help to get the search tool a bit "advanced search"-like: look up for the word in your own language or the target one ("i don't remember how to say dog" vs "What did Hund mean again?"), allow wild card characters (find al the words ending in xxx, or i want to look up this word but am unsure about the spelling), etc. I think it'd be nice to also have the option to look up the entire vocabulary on duolingo, rather than only what you learned so far: easy way to look up for words based on the same root that something you just learned, for example...


Not sure about the need for a 'natural language' search like you're suggesting. I'd be happy to be able to type a word in, either in the language I'm learning or my own language, and see some results.

If you want to look up the entire vocabulary for a language, open a new tab, google 'dictionary' :p Seriously though, don't want the Duolingo staff spending time making a dictionary when they could be implementing other learning tools that aren't already available.

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