"Did our boss see the results?"

Translation:Czy nasz szef widział wyniki?

December 31, 2015

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Why is it zobaczył instead of widział?


And the hints are also all forms of widział even though that's not accepted in the answer.


In this context, it could be accepted. I reported it and it was changed. "Widział" is simple "saw", "zobaczył" is kind of "noticed". Well, that's oversimplifying, but it's hard for me to explain it.

Anyway, even if we perceive "widział" as ok here, I guess a better translation of this version would be "Has our boss seen the results?", because he has seen them and now he probably knows them, while "zobaczył" is more of a one-moment action.


Mysle ze obydwie wersje sa prawidlowe.


What about nasza szefowa?


Good point, added.


Is or isn't widzial used as see and if it is why doesn't it work. I grew up with the word and studied it in Polish school.


There is no balance between the English sentence and its Polish translation.

to see (picture/detail) - widzieć (obraz/szczegół)
to notice (detail) - zauważyć, zobaczyć (szczegół)

Think about the popular mental exercise "can you see the difference between these two pictures?". Many people would say "(Last week) I looked at them, I saw them both, and I didn't see (nie widziałem) the difference. Other people may say "I've (just) looked
at them, I've seen them both (widziałem), and I don't see (nie widzę) a difference".

But some people are able to notice (zauważyć, zobaczyć) the difference right away
or when they look very closely or long enough... They can say "(Last week) I looked at them, I noticed (zauważyłem, zobaczyłem) the difference right away, I saw (widziałem) the difference" or "I've (just) looked at them, I've noticed (zauważyłem, zobaczyłem) the difference, I can see (widzę) the difference".

Did our boss see the results?- Czy nasz szef widział wyniki?
Did our boss notice the results? - Czy nasz szef zauważył/zobaczył wyniki?

Has our boss seen the results? - Czy nasz szef widział wyniki?
Has our boss noticed the results? - Czy nasz szef zauważył/zobaczył wyniki?


I'm not sure if "notice" is really a translation of "zobaczył", but the meaning is quite close. Anyway, in general I agree with your comment. Luckily the sentence here teaches "wyniki", so I was able to remove it and create one with "widział" instead.


What is the difference between wynik and rezultat please?


Oh, it's hard to say :| I think they're often interchangeable, perhaps "wynik" can more often be shown in numbers (e.g. the final score in a football game), but "rezultat" can be used there as well. It's probably a matter of specific collocations.

I am very surprised that "rezultaty" wasn't accepted here. Added now.


Why is "czy nasza szefa zobaczyła wyniki" marked as errors?


A female boss is not "szefa" but "szefowa".


Widział nasz szef wyniki?


That's not exactly a standard word order.


Wouldn't a better translation for "Czy nasz szef zobaczył wyniki?" be "Has our boss seen the results?" compared to "Did our boss see the results?"


This is a very vague difference, but my intuition would be to translate "zobaczył" here into "did he see" and "widział" into "has he seen".


Czy nasz szef widział efekty


OK, dodałem.

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