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Group Discussion?

Hey guys! I was just exploring the forums until something flew into my head. Maybe we could make a group discussion?

How it works:

First you click on "New Group Discussion". Then you type in the username of 1-25 people. When you type in the username of someone, it will send an invite to that user if they want to make a group discussion with you. After people decided, you will get notified how many people accepted.

How it is made:

Each person writes 1-3 paragraphs for the group discussion. I think it is a good choice so everybody does at least something for the group discussion.


Thanks for reading this discussion. Tell me your thoughts down below and if you like my idea and have some improvements/suggestions for it, please comment your ideas on this discussion. I hope to see you guys next time!

Peace out!

December 31, 2015



From what I know, staff is very against the idea of having a chat room of any type. There are several possible reasons, cost of development and upkeep, safety, and moderation (it would require 24/7 of moderation).


It is not meant to be a chat room.


Hey, I like this idea! It will get rid of the users who want a convo in the discussions and instead, they can make a group discussion and do anything they want :P And also for the real, informative group discussions.


Instead, you may get flooded with invitations from people who just want to chat.

"Hey, join my group! Hey join my group!"


I wouldn't be so sure of that.


Well, maybe group discussions can be with people you've added.


I'm not one for the technical stuff but I'd just like to say nice profile picture!
Hope someone here (preferably a moderator) can offer you some advice.


nooooooice idea! i hope someday this comes into duolingo! double thumbs up

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