"Это моя новая книга о мальчиках и девочках."

Translation:This is my new book about boys and girls.

December 31, 2015

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I'm a bit confused. This sentence is taught in the instrumental case lesson, but I thought о goes with prepositional case?


This sentence does indeed require the prepositional.


After 5 exercises where you use the same endings, you can turn into a robot and not really learn anymore. Mix it up to stay fresh


Maybe it is used to show the contrast.


This book sounds naughty.


That's an essential subject to stay up to day on.


Why is "on boys and girls" wrong?


True, "a book about" something or someone is more common in English, but "a book on" something or someone is also quite possible (with "on" having the same meaning as "about").

"A Book on Life and Death Becomes a Best Seller" is an example headline in a major American newspaper. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-book-on-life-and-death-becomes-a-best-seller-1482167354


Might this sentence be said by the author of the book as well as by somebody who just purchased that book? The English sentence isn't inherently clear about that. Is the Russian sentence any different?


This is my new book about boys and girls. It is different from my other books about boys and girls in that the boys and girls have different names and that the actions are in a different order. If you liked my previous books, you will definitely love this one.


Детская книга?


Why cant we use the boys and the girls?


"A book about the boys and the girls" sounds very odd. I can't think of a scenario where a native would say it like that. Even if you were refering to a specific group of boys and girls, you would say "the boys and girls" (leaving off "the" before girls) but you still have to give context for the specificity, like "the boys and girls of Smith Elementary".


"I work at Smith, and I am writing an article about the teachers and the janitors."

"Really!? I work there too and am writing a book about the boys and the girls."


To my feeling, there's a slight difference between the two. 1 x the = a book about all children as a whole, their interactions, etc. 2 x the = a book about the boys on the one hand and the girls on the other. Could be different chapters for both, or not, but it implies a segregation. This may well be an interpretation, but it feels correct to me.


Could someone explain the distinction please. I thought the word это was supposed to be used with neuter nouns and that in thia case where книга is feminine that they would write эта. (If i did not understand correctly, I also think этот is the masculine form) or do they have completely different meanings


This is a boy- Это мальчик/This boy...- Этот мальчик...

This is a girl- Это девочка/This girl...- Эта девочка...

This is milk- Это молоко/This milk...- Это молоко...


This sentence is in the wrong lesson. {Prepositional}

But still, I think Instrumental is the hardest case for me. I don't understand when to use it. I understand most of it, but then some sentences make it difficult and throw me off.


This is a prepositional sentence, not instrumental. Why is it in this lesson?

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