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  5. "I have to open the shop."

"I have to open the shop."

Translation:Muszę otworzyć sklep.

December 31, 2015



muszę otwierac sklep is not accepted?


Well, the situation is more complicated. For most people first thought will be "otworzyć", but your version is a possible interpretation. But it means that I have to open the show everyday, or every second Tuesday, anyway - regularly, generally. "otworzyć" is a one-time thing: open right now, open tomorrow, open next Thursday.

Anyway, added, as English would put it the same way.


Can I use "odkryć" instead of "otworzyć"?


No, that's Russian.

Oh wait, you can. If you actually mean that you want to discover a shop... ;) Or maybe 'uncover' it from under a gigantic blanket? False friends are always fun :D


Thanks! :)

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