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"Dziewczynki poszły do kościoła."

Translation:The girls have gone to church.

December 31, 2015



It is a very Polish thing to do


Is the definite article in "the church" required? It can be omitted, although it changes the sense of the sentence.


OK, let's change it then.


Is this specifically by foot, like iść/chodzić? Or does perfective work differently?


It does work like iść/chodzić, but I would add one thing: it's either on foot or unknown/irrelevant.

I mean, if they needed to take a bus, but the bus part really doesn't matter - what matters is that they went to church, then "poszły" is fine. Or you can specify that they went by some vehicle and say "pojechały".


How do we know that the verb is feminine?


Do you mean, why is the verb feminine? If so, simply because "Dziewczynki", the subject of the verb, is feminine.

Or, do you mean, how can I tell that "poszły" is feminine? If you'd like to take a look at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/p%C3%B3j%C5%9B%C4%87#Polish and expand the conjugation, you'll find that form in the plural non-virile column (as opposed to the male form "poszli", which is in the plural virile column.



Myślę, że to zdanie także byłoby dobrym tłumaczeniem na "the girls have been to church"?


No, you cannot use "have been" here. "Have been" means they went and they are back; "have gone" means they are NOT back, they are still gone/there. And "poszły" means exactly "have gone", nothing more.


O, dzięki. Więc może "the girls have been...." byłoby "dziewczynki były..."?


Tak, dokładnie, to byłoby "Dziewczynki były w kościele". Ale to jest zupełnie inne zdanie.

Yes, exactly, it would be "Dziewczynki były w kościele". But it is a completely different sentence. (In this forum we write in English).


Ok, great. Thank you :)


Dziewczynki : not girls but little girls!


English doesn't have mollification so I think it is translated well. ;)


No, it's not. "Girl" is systematically translated by "Dziewczynka". Don't you see the problem?


dziewczynka is translated to girl because it means girl. little girl is mała dziewczynka. Of course English does not have two words for younger and older girls, but it also has one word for ty and wy.

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