"Lecę jutro do Stanów Zjednoczonych."

Translation:I am flying to the United States tomorrow.

December 31, 2015

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NO, NO, NO. Polish is not English! That's not because it is a perfective in Polish that a continous present is needed in the translation. Teaching people that "Lecę" can never be translated by "I fly" is completely wrong!


While I understand what you mean and agree with you, it seems to me for the purpose of this course, it is useful to reinforce the distinction for those of us learning Polish


Actually, I just got this question again, and it really doesn't seem to matter in this case. When using present as immediate future, "I fly tomorrow" and "I'm flying tomorrow" mean the exact same thing. But whether i will ever remember whether it's lecę or latam jutro, who knows?


DL accepts both "I fly" and "I'm flying" as correct answers.


"The States" should be counted as the US, or not?


Good question. In Russian, lieciu utrom w Sztaty does mean the United States


Sure, added "the States".


what is the difference between latać and lecieć. bab.la says they both mean to fly, therefore are they interchangeable.


They're not interchangeable here because the word jutro ("tomorrow") is specified. This is a concrete event, occurring once, tomorrow, rather than flying to the United States whenever, unspecified, in general, or multiple times habitually. The verb here must be lecieć because of the specified event.


so lecieć = to be flying, latać = to fly. Thank you that makes things a bit more clear.


It's not a direct translation, because English doesn't have perfective/imperfective aspects. It's determined by context in English.


It is not a perfect translation but it seems to be working and my brain can cope with the idea, at least until I have had more time to learn and understand this subject.

Imperfective = incomplete = present tense and future tense.

Perfective = completed tasks = past tense.

past tense - I flew yesterday

present tense - I am flying today

future tense - I will be flying tomorrow

Although the infinitive fly can be used in past, present and future tense for now I am concentrating on the past simple, present and future to try to simplify things.


"Latać " means fly several times. The repetition of the action is included in the verb.


Why not i am flying tomorrow to United States ?


to THE US, otherwise it is fine.


" Tomorrow I am flayng to the United States " to jest dobra odpowiedź i powinna być uznana...❗


Nie, nie jest dobra. Porównaj z odpowiedzią podaną na górze. Zmianę kolejności może możnaby było uznać, ale masz dwie literówki, powinno być "flying".

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