"Where are you sailing now?"

Translation:Gdzie teraz płyniecie?

December 31, 2015

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from the purist point of view the answer is totally wrong.

gdzie - it asks about localization, so with gdzie it should be: Gdzie teraz pływacie (ex answer: on the baltic sea). dokąd - this is the correct word if one asks about the purpose of the motion, so it should be: Dokąd teraz płyniecie? Dokąd idziecie? dokąd fruniecie, itd


Yes, that's totally true. However, there was a 'slight' mistake and the word 'dokąd' was not introduced in this tree. So it can be accepted, but we cannot show it as the best answer, as it cannot be changed in the task where people translate PL->ENG.


My Polish cousin previously advised me that 'pływać' can mean either to swim or to sail in Polish. So could this sentence also be translated to Polish as 'Gdzie teraz pływasz?' Or is is this the wrong aspect of the verb?


Well, it seems that you deleted the comment but I think it's worth answering. "Gdzie teraz pływasz?"... makes some sense. Rather for sailing than swimming, yes. I would understand it either as "What is the name of the boat/ship that you sail on nowadays" or "What is the route that you sail on nowadays", something in this direction. It sure implies that you do sail there 'generally', not just 'right now'.


Oh, dokąd is the word I was looking for! Thanks! I was wondering the same thing. Gdzie means "where" but I didn't think it was also the word for "to where," since Duolingo kept using it that way. I figured if in Russian gdie means "where," and kuda means "to where," then Polish had to have an equivalent.


why not płynie


you sail

ty płyniesz/ wy płyniecie

płynie= he/she/it sails/swims/goes


"Gdzie teraz pływasz?" is not accepted :-( It also makes a lot of sense with the meaning of "sailing around", and it even seems to be a better translation because of the proper usage of "gdzie". I'm thinking of someone on a holiday boat trip...

"Where are you sailing now?" – "I'm sailing on the Baltic Sea."

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