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"We are going to the museum now."

Translation:Idziemy teraz do muzeum.

December 31, 2015



Idziemy do muzeum teraz should be accepted, just need them to update it.


It's technically correct, of course, but it does not seem very natural to me, unless there's some specific context. "Idziemy teraz do muzeum" is neutral. "Idziemy do muzeum teraz" gives a strange emphasis on "NOW" and looks to me like a calque of the English word order.


but it's still correct


Many things are 'correct' = 'not wrong', but not every one of them is worth accepting. Some things are just natural, some are not. We should try to keep to the first ones.

[deactivated user]

    Is the "teraz" even needed given that we have been told over and over that "Idziemy" implies we are going right at that specific time? It would seem that putting teraz in the sentence at all is an emphasis on now. Am I correct?


    Yes, it is an additional emphasis, I guess.


    why Idziemy do muzeum teraz is wrong ? it's mean the same, it isn't ?


    It's just strange to put "teraz" at the end of the sentence.


    It's OK to put 'teraz' at the end, right? Makes sense to me.


    That's "We are going to the museum NOW".


    Why is it "do" muzeum, but "na" lotnisko?


    The rule of thumb is that "do" + Genitive is rather used with buildings that you can enter and "na" + Accusative is used with open spaces. But that's very far from being a strict rule. For example you also have "na pocztę" for "to the post office" although it's a building. Or "do lasu" and "do parku" for "to the forest" or "to the park". Hmm, the more I think about it the worse this 'rule' seems :D


    That's helpful to know. Thanks.


    It is a question of emphasis. the english sentence also ends with "now". So... "Idziemy do muzeum teraz." should be accepted!!! :-/


    you can say:

    "teraz idziemy do muzeum" or "idziemy teraz do muzeum"

    other forms like "idziemy do muzeum teraz" "do muzeum idziemy teraz" "do muzeum teraz idziemy" "teraz do muzeum idziemy" are good in poems or songs but not in usual speech


    Idziemy, but not jeżdzimy?


    As it's 'we are going' (right now or 'we are planning to go'), Present Continuous, it's either "idziemy" (on foot) or "jedziemy" (by a vehicle).

    "idziemy" can be also used if you're going to take a vehicle but do not consider it relevant at all. And as not many people have a museum close enough to their house to walk, it's a very common thing to use it that way.

    "jeździmy" (Ź with an accent, not Ż with a dot) would be used for "We go to the museum every weekend".


    What is the difference between "Idziemy" and "Jedziemy"?


    Idziemy is on foot, jedziemy in a vehicle.


    Why not chodzimy?


    "chodzimy" is generally translated to "we go", or "we walk", Present Simple.

    It can't be translated to "we are going" (right now / showing an intention). Sometimes it can be translated to "we are walking", but only if it's "walking around", without a destination.


    something like " perfective " sense!


    Actually, this has nothing to do with the perfective/imperfective distinction. There are twelve verb pairs which show such a difference. In this case the two categories are called determinate/indeterminate.


    However, if you combine those categories, the result might be a bit unexpected:


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