"Szukam wody. Jest potrzebna dla mojego psa."

Translation:I am looking for water. It is necessary for my dog.

December 31, 2015

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The audio sounds like 'szukamy wody', only at normal speed, sounds right at slow speed: 'szukam wody' .


Just came here to say this too.


Agreed, I disabled the male audio for the hearing exercises.


I feel the sentence "it is needed for my dog" is not quite right. I think the sentence "it is necessary for my dog" would be a lot better.


OK, it will now be the default version.


Would you hear something like this in real life? It sounds kind of unnatural. I would prefer saying - "I need it for my dog". Or "My dog is thirsty"


Hmm... it's neither unnatural nor very probable. But I think it's useful to see how "potrzebna" needs to suit "woda" grammatically even though it's in a separate sentence.


The sentence "Jest potrzebna dla mojego psa" is not correct.

Szukam wody. Jest konieczna dla mojego/mego psa -
I am looking for water. It is necessary for my dog

Szukam wody. Potrzebuję jej dla mego psa -
I am looking for water. I need it for my dog

Szukam wody. Mój pies jej potrzebuje -
I am looking for water. My dog needs it.


"Does not sound Polish" is not an explanation. What exactly is wrong with it?

The Polish Corpus shows 59 results for:

[form of być] + [form of potrzebny] + dla + [optional adjective or poss. pronoun] + [any noun]


Dlaczego nie "I am searching for water."?


It's accepted, it should have worked.


I know this is very basic, but it's still managing to stump me why "Jest" is considered the correct answer and neither "To jest" or just "To" is possible.


We discussed it and Alik compared it to saying "I need water. This is necessary..." - basically using a dummy pronoun "to" doesn't work given the fact that we know perfectly well what the subject is, as it was stated just a moment earlier.


Okay, thanks for the reply. ;)


as far as i understand the word woda becomes wody because szukac is negative. does mojego psa also get genetive because of the word szukam?


I'd say that there's nothing negative about "szukać" (although some people use a mnemonic technique and consider that if you're looking for something, it means that right now you don't have it and that's negative). The verb "szukać" is just one of those exceptions that take a direct object in Genitive instead of Accusative, you need to remember those.

"mojego psa" is in Genitive because of the word "dla".


I am searching water. It's necessary for my dog gave me an error


Yes, to search needs a preposition, unless you are referring to the territory where you do your searching.


Potrzebny - I know the verb potrzebowac; is this a regular way of forming adjectives from verbs?


From the etymological perspective it looks like either the noun or the adjective was there first and the verb was derived later. In which case the verb suffix -ować is quite common (potrzeb- is the (prefixed) stem here).


-ny and -owy seem to be the most common adjective suffixes, but the latter doesn't apply here. I'm unaware of any rules regarding which one is used in which case. It may have something to do with the stem ending, hence with phonetics, but it would require some research to figure this out.



Interesting - thanks!


This seems to be the first exercise to officially appear in two sentences.


There are a few of them in the course, but they're very rare indeed.

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