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Measurement with «около»

Although около definitely means 'near' with respect to location, is it right that it does not mean 'near' or 'nearly' with respect to quantity? Rather it can only mean 'about' or 'approximately', meaning it's not important whether the amount observed is above or below the target amount?

Related to that, are there words that mean 'almost but not quite [some quantity]' and 'just over [some quantity]", like we might say "a scant teaspoon" or "a heaping tablespoon" or "we talked for a good two hours"?

December 31, 2015




I near

  • Я стою около дома

II about

  • Около одного метра
  • Около трёх килограммов

приме́рно, приблизи́тельно (= около II)

  • Примерно один метр
  • Приблизительно три килограмма

almost, nearly

  • Почти один метр
  • Почти три килограмма


  • Ровно один метр
  • Ровно три килограмма

чуть бо́льше / чуть ме́ньше
a bit more / a bit less

  • Чуть больше одного метра
  • Чуть меньше трёх килограммов


This is very useful. Thanks Aulawabbel for the question.

[deactivated user]

    like we might say "a scant teaspoon" or "a heaping tablespoon"

    By the way, 'heaping tablespoon' is «столо́вая ло́жка с го́рбиком» or «столо́вая ло́жка с го́ркой». But this works only for spoons.

    I don't know how to say 'scant', though. (I'd just say «непо́лная ло́жка» 'not a full spoon' if I needed to express this meaning.)

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