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"I cannot be there, that is a private party."

Translation:Nie mogę tam być, to prywatna impreza.

December 31, 2015



why is "nie mogę być tam, to prywatna impreza" not accepted?


Well, if we treat the clauses separately, "Nie mogę być tam" has an adverb at the end of the sentence, which we want to avoid, as it looks more like a calque from English.


Could you have used umieć instead of móc here?


Umieć is about ability that you have learned.


Why "nie mogę tam być, ta jest prywanta impreza" wrong?


Apart from the typo ("prywanta -> prywatna"), the problem is "ta".

"that" here is not a determiner (as in "that book" or "that fish"), but it serves as the subject of the sentence. And a sentence like "That is Y" will always have "To" as the subject, regardless of the gender of Y.

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