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Duolingo Creator Kit

Hello everybody

For the last weeks I have spent my time learning the language of Spanish on this amazing application. I couldn't fail but notice how much faster this is going than if I were to learn it at school. I often kid that I learned almost more in three weeks than I learned at school in 3 years.

I'm not expecting my school to immediatly give up on books and saying "Duolingo is the way to go!". I'd prefer if it was possible to create your own skill tree with your own words. Making it possible to create an alternative way of learning languages but still getting good grades. Perhaps this could be some sort of community page in which everyone can upload their own skill tree's. People could up- and downvote these. This would also make the adding of new languages a lot faster. Don't we all want that?

Have a nice day Arne

January 12, 2013



I think this is a terrific idea, Arne! =D

I'm just concerned about the accuracy of the data in these skill trees. I like the idea of up- and downvote, but there will be more problems to solve. If anyone can create his own skill tree(s) or parts of it, I'd download several of them to study, but what will I do with the dozens of repetitive words? And possible slangs or regional words?

Maybe only after a determined quantity of points in a language you would be able to create your own skill tree. This way you would be able to better understand the language you're learning, and hopefully will make less mistakes. Or you could do this in a group or couple.

Just some thoughts! =)


I like your idea.


That would be cool, I wish we could do it!~Cammi


Sorry for not responding for 2 months :P

Obsiously, if you just let people make trees as they please you are going to have quite a couple of unfinished, bad and inadequate skill trees.

That's also the main reason for the upvote system. After a little while the good ones will be at the top. Therefor you wouldn't really need more than one skill tree. I would also like to have a up/downvote per word, or they would add alternate translations. For example:

"De vorst" in Dutch means "the frost". However, it can also be translated as "the lord". So one could suggest the second translation and people could upvote that. When there are lots of alternate explenations choosing a different tree wouldn't be all that hard. You'd just type the word you learned and you should be all set.

About the points to create deal, agreed. Perhaps you should be able to make your own trees but only publice them once you have a great amount of points.

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