"Nie mam żadnych ryb dla ciebie."

Translation:I do not have any fish for you.

December 31, 2015

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It's funny that Oso the Bear is the one who read the sentence.


Is you emphasised here because we have Ciebie instead of Cię?

So it means that I have no fish for YOU, though I may still have fish for others. Is this understanding correct?


"you" actually is emphasized here by the word order (putting "dla ciebie" at the end), which isn't the most natural one - although the fact that the pronoun is a part of a prepositional phrase here makes it not as bad as usual.

I will remove the sentence and create "Nie mam dla ciebie żadnych ryb".

But "ciebie" is the only (singular) option here, you cannot say "dla cię". Those emphasized variants of pronouns are a must after a preposition. Although sometimes there's also a third variant, which always starts with the letter "n"... and then those variants exist only to be used after a preposition.

Yeah, it is complicated :|


Do you mean that the emphasised variants of pronouns (like ciebie) can only be used after propositions? I think one can say Kocham Ciebie (not someone else).


You bring out an interesting and important point -- you can emphasise "you" by the word order, by placing the pronoun in the end. I didn't know that.

BTW, what is a prepositional phrase?

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